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I appreciate the diverse tasks and challenges that my job offers me. I particularly like the opportunity to contribute and constantly expand my technical skills in a dynamic and innovative environment

I am proud to be part of this company and look forward to further exciting projects and challenges.

Matthias Schäfer

System Engineer

> 1918

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Our values

Pride in what we do

We are constantly striving for improvement and operational and engineering excellence. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and make no compromises when it comes to work quality.

Own it

We take ownership of our responsibilities and deliver on our commitments with a strong problem-solving attitude – all in the service for our customers.

Work together

Collaboration is key, and we believe that working together as a global company with the most talented professionals in the business is the key to success. We foster a culture of teamwork, where everyone has a voice and can contribute to the collective effort. 

Enjoy it

Enjoying work is important, but it should never come at the cost of compromising your integrity. A strong sense of ethics and an open-minded approach to new ideas and challenges can lead to innovative solutions and new opportunities.

Radiant Customers

Involving customers as part of the solution can lead to radiant relationships and loyalty. Ultimately, customer focus needs to be at the heart of your work, striving to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.

Our Vision

The world of power is changing.  


The future prosperity of our planet, and the world’s industry, needs us to rise up and meet the challenge of converting renewable energy sources efficiently into industrial scale power.  


After successfully providing reliable power convertion, storage and supply to critical industries and infrastructures for a century, we’re leading this change.  


We aim to enable every industry to efficiently leverage renewable energy sources into reliable power supply.  


So for us, the future matters – whether that’s through providing efficient uninterrupted power supply, or through enabling power conversion of clean energy to deliver solutions that will power the lives for generations to come.  

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Online Application

When you transmit your personal data and documents, we treat them with the utmost confidentiality. You will receive an confirmation of receipt from us to the email address you provided. Please check your spam folder if you have not received the email.

Review of your Application

We will review your application carefully - please note that this may take some time. You will then receive an email from us with a corresponding acceptance or rejection. If you are accepted, we will suggest an initial appointment for a telephone or video interview.

Telephone / Video Interview

We usually conduct the telephone or video interview via Microsoft Teams. You can dial in for the interview via the link provided or via telephone.

Personal Meeting

You will receive an appointment proposal from us by email for a first personal meeting. This usually takes place at one of our locations. Please send us receipts for your travel expenses after the interview. In exceptional cases, a second video call can also be used.

Job Offer

After we reached an agreement, we will send you the employment contract in writing. Please sign it and send it back to us immediately.

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If you are interested in applying for a career with AEG Power Solutions, send us an open application and attach relevant documents such as CV, references etc.


Please note that we take your personal data seriously and comply strictly with the European General Data Protection Rules. You will be contacted only through the email address or phone number that you will communicate to us and by an accredited AEG Power Solutions contact.

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Here we have summarized some of the most frequently asked questions about career opportunities and the application process.

What career opportunities does AEG Power Solutions offer?

We offer a variety of career opportunities. These include, for example, positions in the areas of engineering, production, sales and customer service. We are constantly looking for talented and motivated professionals to support us in developing innovative and tailor-made solutions for our customers.

What is the application process like?

The application process begins with the submission of your application via our careers page. After an initial review of the application documents, we may invite you to an interview where we can get to know you personally and get an idea of your skills and experience. Depending on the position, the application process can also include further steps such as a trial day or an assessment center test.

What qualities and qualifications are important to be successful in a technical or engineering-oriented job?

Technical know-how, a high degree of initiative and the ability to work with other teams and customers are usually of great importance for a successful career. In concrete terms, we often look for qualities in our applicants such as high problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and a creative approach to technical challenges. In addition, we value good communication skills and an independent and structured way of working.

What opportunities are there for further training and advancement?

We promote the development of our employees through targeted education and training programs as well as through regular feedback and coaching. We also offer our employees regular opportunities for advancement and career opportunities within the company. Depending on the position and individual interests, employees can work in management positions or in specialized departments, for example. We attach great importance to our employees developing and being successful, because this is the only way we can grow as a company and provide our customers with the best possible support.

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Global Recruiter

Lea Lüning

HR Recruiter Germany